What do I want more people to know about?

For the moment my focus is on selling Neolife products. I keep thinking what will people always come back to? If someone tried a supplement brand and then went on to try a whole bunch of other brands, I need to make sure they will still come back to my thing. I think NeoLife is a product that does this. The quality of their products is so high, and in the end I think thats what people want. For a time it is good to save money on cheaper supplements, but you will soon realise that there isn’t really any point in buying rubbish supplements, they aren’t going to do anything for you. SO. NeoLife is the company I want more people to know about, if I can do this, more people are able to live happier and healthier lives.

Traffic is my next problem. As Russell says find your target market, and go to where they are hanging out. I need to first, find my target market, and then find where they are congregating to tell them about NeoLife.

Target market is difficult though when you have a business that covers such a wide variety of people’s needs and want’s. Products range from supplements for Children’s nutrition, protein, bone health, essential vitamins and minerals etc etc etc. For each one of these products my target market is different. Say for bone health, although everyone needs it, I would need to focus more on the elderly, and for children’s nutrition I would need to target parents with young kids as the parents will be the suppliers for their children’s nutrition.

Does this mean I need a seperate target segment for each of the different categories? i.e Weight loss, Children’s health, Immune health.
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